A large population in the world and Central America in particular are edentulous starting from a young age, and many doctors are under-armed with treatment options due to extreme maxillary and mandibular atrophy.​






Our Mission

Restoring lives through extra-maxillary dental implants to those in need who were once hopeless in Central America. Educating those dedicated to a lifetime of service to provide these services to their own communities, and to mold the future leaders of dental implants. To end a culture of edentulism out of economic and practical convenience by providing basic services in remote locations. All to light up the darkness, through dental implants.

Our Missions are through direct care from our world class ORCAA faculty. ORCAA is backed by the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala and their exceptional faculty and staff. They make sure our patients have continuity of treatment from when they first step through the doors to the University and long after they step out.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Simon Oh
Dr. Juan Gonzalez
Dr. Jose Rodrigo Cayarga
Dr. Eldad Drori
Dr. David Zelig
Dr. Gregorio Redaelli
Dr. Zachary Brown
Dr. Emanuele Liborio Coppola